The Power of Thank You

December 2, 2020

Yesterday millions of dollars were donated to nonprofits across the world.  Today, let’s remember the power that is contained within two simple words: Thank You. 

The act of saying “Thank You” to a donor today can mean more donations in the future. The spirit of gratitude is a way to build relationships and show your donors that their generosity did not go unnoticed and helped you get closer to your goals!  Additionally, if you are able to thank your donors publicly via social media it has been shown to inspire a desire in others who see the gratitude to connect and join the efforts sparked by a few. 

With so many different people donating on GivingTuesday, it can seem like a monumental task to say Thank You appropriately.   We wanted to offer you a few simple ways to spark the creativity. 

  • Make a social media post thanking all of your donors as a group. Include how many different donors gave and the total raised. This will inspire them and let your donors and others who see your post know that the efforts did not go unnoticed. 
  • Get your community involved in saying thank you. Film short videos thanking your donor base for their contributions to your ministry. You can post these as comments to your individual campaigns, or include them in an email. 
  • Send a brief personal email to each donor thanking them for their donation and mentioning the specific campaign they gave to.  This small personal touch goes a long way. 
  • Have younger members of your community create thank you cards that can be mailed out. Who doesn’t love a handmade card from a child?

Let’s join together to show the impact and importance of those two simple words: Thank You. 

And Thank You for being a part of our Givedot Community! 

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