U.S Domestic Local Group Plan


The U.S. Domestic Local Group Plan was developed to meet the needs of churches and ministries with local events needing extended coverage of 100 or less from the organization.

This plan is designed for mission organizations and churches looking to cover individuals who are serving locally (less than 100 miles from church or mission organization) and is an excellent plan for local camps, events, volunteers, or extended local staff retreats, etc. This plan provides basic coverage for an annual minimum of 500 participants and includes an annual premium.


  • Short-term local medical coverage
  • Coverage for groups traveling 100 miles or less from original destination
  • Accident & Sickness up to $10,000
  • Easy enrollments
  • Accidental medical benefit
  • Accidental dismemberment or death benefit
  • Annual premium


  • Minimum of 500 attendees
  • Must be less than 100 miles from original destination
  • Application is required