Study Abroad Scholar Plan

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The Study Abroad Scholar Plan provides comprehensive benefits which are geared more toward collegiate level students and faculty participating in long-term educational and cultural exchange programs. Designed for individuals or groups of five or more university students or staff participating in a sponsored study abroad program, and who desire an annually renewable comprehensive medical plan. This plan meets the requirements for J-1/J-2 ,F-1/ F-2, M-1,/M-2, J Exchange Visitor visa and includes benefits for maternity (on Platinum Plan Option only), mental health, organized sports and international emergency care.  This is the IMG Student Health Advantage Plan.


  • Standard and Platinum level benefits available
  • Coverage can be extended up to 5 years
  • Coverage for individuals and groups and their dependents
  • Premiums provided at monthly rates
  • Universal Rx pharmacy discount savings
  • Meets student visa requirements
  • Maternity coverage (on Platinum Plan Option only)
  • Mental health coverage
  • Organized sport coverage
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage after 12 months


  • Online access to your account portal
  • 17,000 providers when seeking treatment outside the U.S
  • Access to international, multilingual customer service centers
  • Claims administrators who process claims from all over the world, handling virtually every language and currency
  • 24-hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment
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