The MissionSafe Story




MissionSafe TeamIn 1996 World Insurance Association began meeting the international medical insurance needs of those going on school and mission trips under the name Serving Abroad. The primary focus was to provide the best value and protection for those traveling overseas. In 2005 Bill Pope and World Insurance refocused Serving Abroad and established MissionSafe with a more comprehensive focus: “To care for the Bride of Christ and the Children of God as they go on mission.”

After pastoring for 23 years, Bill saw that the world involving mission trips was changing. From his personal experience with mission trips, Bill realized you could no longer just focus on the traveler’s needs. The school, church, or sending organization was at risk just as much as those going on the trip. If the needs of both the traveler and the sending organization were not addressed, the ministry of going on international missions would be hindered.

As a team we also saw a great disconnect between what was needed and the types of plans and service that were being offered to the schools, churches and sending organizations. Our heart is to serve the Lord alongside you. We know you are busy and we want to be a supportive partner that blesses your ministry as you go on mission.

We have taken a pastoral approach to:

  • Provide customized travel medical insurance plans that maximize good stewardship
  • Provide administrative support in the enrollment and claims process
  • Provide tools for individuals and ministries to use for trip preparation
  • Provide customized videos for enhanced team communication
  • Provide tools and training for crisis management

We sense a shepherd’s calling to serve with you as a partner to take the administrative workload and responsibility of caring for those going on international or domestic mission trips. The Lord has blessed MissionSafe over the years and now we are able to assist many churches, mission sending ministries, schools and individual travelers each year as they go to fulfill the Great Commission. Allow MissionSafe to bless your people and teams with the expertise the Lord has taught us as you go to share His love and heart around the world.

Our Executive Team

Bill Pope

Bill Pope

President of MissionSafe
John Drye

John Drye

Chief Risk Strategist and General Counsel
Dwight Condrey

Dwight Condrey

Senior Account Manager
Mandy Cole

Mandy Cole

Account Specialist



As the mission director, I need to know I have a trusted and helpful source that can not only answer all my questions, but can step in on our churches behalf if needed for the small and big emergencies. I require every WHC trip participant to have travel insurance. For such a low cost it is one of the best investments you can make for your mission teams.
Sally Berto Missions Director at World Harvest
“Every time I have talked with Mandy through the past several years, she has been extremely professional, understanding, thorough and pleasant. She is an exemplary example of what true customer service should look like. Thanks, Mandy!!!
Janice M.” Missions Director at World Harvest