From Doubt to Declaration

March 24, 2020

Doubt is like an ancient theater mask for many emotions. Fear, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, anger, regret all hide behind the mask of doubt. 

Once there was a man named Thomas. He was practicing social distancing not because of a virus, but because of struggling with doubt. His doubt was his coping mechanism as he dealt with grief and fear. For a week he was trapped behind the mask and grew more comfortable with becoming his own authority of right and wrong, truth and fiction. Yet while he was seeking to cope, there was an eternal breakthrough not far from him.

So many of us have no answers for what tomorrow brings with the restrictions of the virus. The security of answers has been replaced with the mask of doubt to hide our fears and concerns about how drastic the changes will be in order to survive this time. Thomas with his conviction of knowing what reality was, took a weary step of faith. With that step, his eyes were opened to the new reality and a perspective he never dreamed possible.  When he was invited to put his hand in Jesus’ side, He dropped his mask of doubt and cried out My Lord and My God. I invite you to join me in these days of doubt to drop your mask and find comfort in declaring Jesus as your Lord and your God.


Dr. Bill Pope

President of MissionSafe

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