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Understanding Your Insurance

For Adventures Staff & Trip Participants

MissionSafe serves Adventures in Missions as an insurance broker. We provide service and support to Adventures staff and trip participants as you serve in ministry in the U.S. and abroad. MissionSafe serves as your advocate with the insurance carrier.

As a trip participant with Adventures in Missions, you will automatically be enrolled in travel medical coverage. You will not need to enroll yourself in this plan. The purpose of this page is to give you an overview of your benefits, and answer some of the common questions associated with the coverage.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and support before, during, and after your trip. If you have any questions about your insurance plan with Adventures in Missions, we are only a phone call away!

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Important Documents
Important Contact Information
Important Documents
Important Contact Information

To Pre-Certify for hospitalization or major tests, contact IMG within 48 hours:

  • Outside of US/CAN+1 317-655-4500 (press 2)

  • Inside US/CAN 1-800-628-4664 (press 2)

  • Note: These numbers are also included on the back of your ID Card


For the IMG Global Concierge & Assistance Services:

  • +1 317-655-4500 (press 2)



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Akeso Care & Medical Concierge Service
Akeso Care & Medical Concierge Service

Akeso Care Management® is a URAC-accredited international health care management company specializing in the complete spectrum of domestic and international medical management services. When you call IMG to Pre-Certify for hospitalization or major tests, this is the division of IMG who you will be connected to.

To learn more about Akeso Care, visit

Akeso Care is available for all IMG international plans. You can contact Akeso Care by dialing 1-317-655-4500 (press 2).

Note: Akeso Care’s Medical Concierge Service is only available to those on the Long-Term Missionaries insurance plan. The Global Concierge Service is a separate service provided by IMG. See your Plan Information to learn more about the Global Concierge Service.

The dollar amount of eligible medical expenses, as outlined in your Policy Wording, that the insured person must pay per period of coverage prior to receiving benefits or coverage from the insurance company.
Hospital Indemnity
Hospital Indemnity

An amount paid directly to the insured person for each night of a required hospital stay (for a covered injury or illness). See your Policy Wording for amount paid per night and the maximum number of nights allowed.

You do not need to file a separate claim to qualify for an indemnity. The claims examiner will review the medical documents you submitted to determine your eligibility for an indemnity benefit payment.
Emergency Room Deductible
Emergency Room Deductible

An additional deductible will apply each time a person seeks treatment for an illness in an emergency room, which does not result in the person directly being admitted as a hospital inpatient. This deductible is in addition to the plan deductible.

When possible, for non-life-threatening illness, consider seeking treatment at a clinic or doctor’s office to avoid the potential cost of this additional deductible.
FAQ for Parents & Family
FAQ for Parents & Family
Paying for Treatment
Paying for Treatment

Many international hospitals do not have the ability to establish direct billing with an insurance company.

If a hospital or provider is unable to establish direct billing, then IMG will offer to send the provider a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) document. This document gives the provider an assurance that IMG will pay for services rendered.

If direct billing or a GOP cannot be established, you need to be prepared to pay for your treatment out-of-pocket. Because this is considered a personal expense, you need to have a credit card or way to access cash to pay for the bill. You can seek reimbursement later by filing a claim.

Carrying a credit card with a minimum of $1,000-1,500 to cover an unexpected injury or illness is recommended.

To learn more about paying for treatment, see Incident Checklist.
Continuation of Treatment Benefit
Continuation of Treatment Benefit

Check your Policy Wording to see if your insurance plan includes a “Benefit Period.”

If an illness or injury incurred on your trip requires continuing treatment once you return home, this benefit will continue your coverage for that specific illness or injury for a selected amount of time (i.e 6 months, 12 months) from the initial date of treatment.


In order to be eligible for continuing coverage, you must seek treatment for the illness or injury during your trip, and have medical documents and a receipt for the treatment. The receipt or documentation needed to establish the continuation of treatment benefit must include:

    Your name
    Date of Service
    Diagnosis or reason for treatment

If you are seeking continuing treatment back home, be sure to check your ID Card for the network requirement. See Locate a Provider.

Present your IMG ID Card to the provider and let them know that your plan provides a benefit beyond the expiration date listed on your ID Card. If you have primary or domestic insurance in place, let the provider know that IMG is your secondary coverage. For further assistance in communicating with your provider, contact MissionSafe at or at 800-682-3461.




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