2019 International Mission Trips Essay Contest Winner: Hope Project International

November 12, 2019
Image courtesy of Hope Project International

Atlanta, GA (November 2019) – An essay contest was held at the end of the summer and ministries were asked to answer the question: “If your organization were to win, how would this impact your global outreach efforts?”.

Hope Project International is a winner that received a $500 prize from MissionSafe.

Bill Pope, President of MissionSafe, expresses his continued support of this ministry saying,

“Hope Project International has such a heart for the nations. They are never satisfied with the current levels of ministry. Than and Megan Graffam are an inspiration to each of us who sense the calling to serve in missions. They challenge us to see more ways to be available to the Lord for His Glory.”

While Hope Project International’s headquarters are located in Highland City, Florida, their ministry reaches into multiple countries around the world. The organization was founded by Than and Megan Graffam in April 2013 with the sole purpose of helping families and children in the areas of nutrition, shelter, education and spiritual development.

Part of the essay really stood out to the contest judges and contributed to their choice in selecting Hope Project International as a winner:

“We always strive to do more. Not more for the sake of doing more, but more for the sake of the people that we help, the God we serve and the impact we want to have on the world that He called us to reach. We believe God wants to do more in us and for us, therefore, as a reflection of who He is, our desire will be to do more for others. Our first priority as Hope Project grows and support increases is to give more away, before taking more for ourselves. When questions arise about how much we should help, support, sacrifice or give to others our initial response will always be… more.”

You can find out more about their ministry at hopeprojectintl.com.

About MissionSafe:

MissionSafe is a leading insurance, technology & risk management consulting firm that specializes in faith-based clients such as missions sending organizations & churches. We partner with ministries to serve those who become ill or injured on both international and domestic mission trips. Our one-of-a-kind Mission Sending Platform (MissionsIQ) is used to manage and care for thousands of short-term and long-term missionaries each year. The vision of MissionSafe is to care for the Bride of Christ and the children of God as they go on mission.  National offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and on the web at MissionSafe.com.  

Heading out into the world to make a difference? MissionSafe provides travel insurance for mission sending organizations and other international trips.

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